Midsummer Fairy Cakes

An often quoted favourite passage from the gospel according to Saint John, speaks of life in all its fullness, and this is one of the reasons I love the summer solstice, the longest and most sun filled day of the year. I am also a firm believer that imagination, make believe, provides the foundations of belief and faith, which is one of the reasons why I also ‘believe’ in fairies. Hence these fairy cakes.

Reluctantly Fasting

Over the last year or so of pandemic and lockdown upon lockdown, I have found that it isn’t just my waistline that has become flabby, but my spiritual life too.

Gingerbread Mince Pies

Assembling mince pies is child’s play which makes it a great family activity, something to occupy the children, or an exercise in mindfulness for yourself.

Simnel Flapjack

What do you get when you cross leftover marzipan with some store-cupboard staples?

White Chocolate Rocky Road

It’s the week after Easter, and despite the lockdown, we are still celebrating. One of my favourite resurrection stories is Jesus meeting Clopas and his wife as they despondently make their way home to Emmaus following Jesus’ death. They have heard rumours that Jesus may be alive, but can’t bring themselves to hope that it…

St Patrick’s Day Chocolate Guinness Cake

One of the retired officers in my church bakes this for our Village Market every year, and it always sells out very quickly. A deep, dark cake, rich and moist and just like the Irish stout, topped with a creamy white head. The perfect way to celebrate Ireland’s most famous saint. Ingredients 250 millilitres guinness…

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

A friend cleared out her collection of newspaper cuttings featuring recipes she thought she might like to try, but somehow never found the time to do. I think we all know that feeling. In scanning through them before decanting to the recycling I found this recipe from Jeremy Lee in a Guardian Cook supplement from…

St Valentine’s Honey Cookies

Valentine was one of the earliest Christians who was persecuted for his faith, and eventually killed. Despite it being against the law, Valentine would marry Christian couples, and aided Christians who were being persecuted. The tradition of secret Valentine‚Äôs cards stems from the note he left for a young woman on the day he was…

White Chocolate and Cherry Biscotti

I made these as gifts for members of my church council as a thank you gift at the start of the new year. I had a few left over so took them to our toddler group ‘Little Angels’ for the mums to have with their morning cuppa in the child free zone. As I popped…